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June 22nd Soccer news ... Champions League Odds at championsleague-odds.com

Spanish League Matchday 11

The excitement of Spanish Premier League continues this coming weekend with several interesting games to bet on, The competition is currently led by Mourinho's Real Madrid, who still have not tasted defeat during this season in the 3 tournaments they are currently playing (Premier League, Copa del Rey and Champions League). Therefore, it is only a mere formality to say that they are great option to bet on this week, especially after their very successful performance last week. when they tied 2-2 against Milan in Italy ans defeated their city rival Atletico Madrid 2-0. Going back to their game for this week, they will have to Gijon's El Molinon Stadium to play against an uncomfortable team: Sporting Gijon (+885). Real Madrid (-400) seems to have an easy task ahead of them, but let´s not forget that Gijon gave Barcelona a hard time in matchday 4, losing only 1-0 in Camp Nou. Real Madrid will have to be patient, because these middle standings teams defend quite well, but in the end, it looks like another win for the powerful representative of Spain's capital city.
On Saturday, Camp Nou stadium will be the location of a great match between the current second and third place in the league. Barcelona (-400) will battle Villareal (+900) in a game with severely uneven odds, which seem to be pretty accurate. I would be careful though, since Villareal is a team that is not afraid of anybody, and with players like Rossi, Senna, Montero and Altidore, has enough weapons to cause some serious trouble anywhere. Since Barcelona has already lost a game playing home this season (against Hercules, 2-0), I would go for a tie (+450) in this one.
In other interesting games for this weekend, Valencia (-166) plays home against fighting Getafe (+450), Hercules (-115) plays Real Sociedad (+225), Osasuna (+440) will travel to the nation's capital city to face Atletico Madrid (-166), and Real Zaragoza (+190) receives the uncomfortable visit of dangerous Seville (+130). Aside from this last game, I'd bet on the home team if I were you. This is a matchweek that is not very likely to have many tied games, let`s see how it turns out.
Enjoy the games, and Good Luck!


In group G, there is a clash of the Titans again: Group leaders Real Madrid (9 points, +115) will go to Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milano to battle AC Milan (4 points, +215), in their first game with former FIFA Player of the Year and World Champion Zinedine Zidane as Mourinho's assistant. With such a fantastic addition to their technical staff, one can only imagine the motivation of the players to do their best in Italy. Zidane is in a way coming back to the game that gave him so much, and to which he gave pearls of craftsmanship that have stayed carved in the memory of millions of soccer fans around the world. I would even dare to say that Zizou is looking for a little redemption, to help erase the last dramatic image of his aggression to Marco Materazzi in 2006 World Cup Final. It looks like a very even match though, and I say that both teams will bring a hell of a show in a tied and hardly fought game. The odds for that to happen are +235, by the way…
In the other game of this group, Ajax (4 points, +150) travels to France to play against Auxerre (0 points, +165). Even though the odds are quite even in this line, I can not avoid thinking about the terrible season Auxerre is having in their home league, playing against many teams that do not even have half the strength Ajax has. I think it will be a clear and undisputed win for the Dutch team. Period.
In group H, there are a couple of very entertaining games. First, Ukraine’s Shakthar (6 points) will receive the visit of leader Arsenal (9 points +130), having the painful remembrance of their 0-5 defeat in London in the last matchday. Despite that amazing difference, I think the Ukranians will have a very different attitude in this game, and supported by their noisy and loyal fans, they have great chances of a tie (+225) or even a win (+195). Let’s see…
Also in group H, Partizan Belgrade (0 points, +130) will play home against Portuguese Sporting Braga (3 points, +195). Eager for their first win in the competition, the Serbians might very well get it against a Braga that is not as surprising as it was in the qualifying stage, where they knocked Celtic Glasgow and Sevilla from Spain out of this competition. It seems that Partizan will have their sweet revenge, turning this group into a very interesting one towards the last 2 games…

UEFA Champions League -- Groups E & F

This coming Wednesday, UEFA Champions League will offer soccer fans games from groups E, F, G, and H. Starting with group E, where current vice-champions Bayern Munich are in the lead with 9 points in 3 games, followed by Bassel, Cluj and Italian Roma with 3 points each. This has given this group very special characteristicas, because any mistake could be fatal, having all the teams apart from the leader very similar chances of qualifying. Bayern is playing in Romania against Cluj, in a very dangerous game for them. These guys from Cluj are practically unknown, so it should be somehow hard to prepare against them. The numbers say it is -142 for the Germans and +335 for Cluj, but I would not be surprised if they tied (+235, by the way), because the Germans tend to get suspiciously over confident when playing weaker squads. Let`s see...
The other game in this group will be between Swiss Basel (+165) and Italian Roma (+145). The Swiss defeated the Italians in Rome last matchday, so they are facing this game with a pleasant confidence, and the sweet possibility of a very probable victory. The Italians have not had a very good couple of weeks since that unexpected and, to be honest, humiliating defeat, so it's obvious they will go out and attack hard. That might give Basel some counterattacking chances, so it could end up in a tie (+235) in my opinion.
Group F is very simple: Bet for the favorite, there is no "Cinderella story" chances in here. Chelsea, who has 9 points, will defeat Spartak Moscow in London, and Olympique Marseille will do the same to Zilina in Slovakia. I rest my case, your Honor!


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